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COVID-19 Updates

last updated 17 March 2022

While ExecuTour Namibia can't wait for your visit, we are also concerned about your health and well-being. Below are some updates regarding the responses of the Namibian Government and the state of our nation in relation to the novel coronavirus.

- Namibia has recently experienced its fourth wave of Covid-19 infections, but the peak has already been been reached - the number of new cases per day is decreasing.

- The total cases of Covid-19 recorded in Namibia to date is 157 471, of which 195 are still active, and 4 014 deaths have been registered.

- A total of 446 500 people have received at least their first dose of the vaccine, while 380 742 people are fully vaccinated. Namibia has a population of about 2.6 million people.

- Namibia is out of it's official state of emergency, however, there are still some minor rules in place. 

- A negative Covid-19 test is no longer needed for entering Namibia - only a full vaccination certificate. 


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